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About Us

GemCap provides loans in the range of $1-$10 million to businesses within the United States & Canada, as well as in-transit inventories en route to the United States. An innovative firm, we support local businesses, employing normal people, doing real work.

As a non-bank lender, we don't get handcuffed by regulations, stuffed with red-tape, or constrained by a "no" culture. We pride ourselves on unique, flexible lending products tailored to our clients. Our mission: providing clients with great financing solutions and awesome customer service.

GemCap employs a solutions-based approach to lending and works with you to understand the challenges facing your business. We operated real companies just like yours. We know the day-to-day problems you face.

We are not bankers

No faceless bankers over here. Management consists of team members with extensive company operational backgrounds. So, we look at transactions objectively from an operating standpoint.

Ally approach

We align with our borrowers for the long-term and continually check-in. Clear expectations and communications on both sides form successful relationships. We pride ourselves on our transparency, clear communications and on-time delivery.

A different view

WIth our operational experience, we look at your business differently than other lenders. We do not lack creativity!

Dedicated, available relationship managers

Not getting hold of your lender is frustrating! We provide every client with a dedicated relationship manager. Your relationship manager remains available to discuss changes to your business - or just to chew the fat.

Certainty, speed and service

No two borrowers are alike. Some face growth opportunities. Others suffer operating losses. Some want exit financing. What borrowers do have in common is a compressed timeline.

Other lenders – particularly banks – require too much time for diligence and documentation. Expenses seem to appear daily, and the end result can't compare with the original proposal.

For each new borrower, we provide a transparent, repeatable process and known decision-making timetable. We quickly give you guidance on expected amounts and pricing. We believe in meeting your needs quickly and aim to have loans fully approved to fund in under 60 days.


Three products. That's it. No hard sell, no pushing you into things you don't want.


Loans that scale as you do. We give you a credit line, and you draw what you need when you need it. These loans provide the essential working capital that gives you space to breathe and focus on your business.

We can finance your inventory, in-transit inventory and receivables for needed working capital.

Term Loans

Certainty in an Uncertain WorldA fixed-term loan used to finance the big stuff that you need to for your business. We can provide regular repayment or ballon style loans that give your cashflows a break and allow you to invest, expand and succeed.

We will finance all sorts of stuff, including plant and equipment.


Factoring is one of the oldest forms of business financing, with a history going back over 4,000 years. If you have earned revenue from providing goods or services, we can buy the invoices from you. This gives you early access to cash and helps you avoid unnecessary debt, cashflow issues or setting unwanted pricing discount precedents with your customers.

Our factoring facilities scale as you need them, and you only pay for what you use.

Why choose us?

In short, we are not like your bank. We will take time to understand your business, identify your problems and work with you to create solutions. Need the Founder on WhatsApp? No problem!

Super powers

We have super powers. Yes, really. We are not scared to lend money. Unlike other lenders we look for ways to say yes to a loan.

We speak your language

We are industrialists. We have run businesses like yours, walked in your shoes and experienced your problems.

Rocket like

Like you, we don't want to hang around either. We make our decisions quickly and execute faster.

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Supporting businesses everywhere

We cover the whole country from our centrally located office in Texas . Our goal is to color this map in.

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Everyone says it, but in our case, it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together, they make GemCap the approachable, straight-talking, pragmatic and responsive lender that you need us to be.

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