Certainty in an Uncertain World™

Who We Are

GemCap’s founders previously owned and operated manufacturing/wholesale and retail operations. Our experience ranges across industrial manufacturing, consumer manufacturing, to logistics. We’ve been hands-on in shop floors, walked the oil patch, stood in freeze tunnels. We’ve worried about quality, on-time deliveries, and payroll. We think our perspective might be different than your typical lender.

We focus solely on small to mid-size businesses… those responsible for over 90% of employment. No two businesses are the same, which is why we don’t try to put you in a box. We strive to be flexible and make our loans fit your business.

Isn’t lending a business, too? We appreciate our customers and the opportunity to serve. Do you have the mobile number for the president of your current lender? GemCap operates like a business: quick decisions, accessibility, and a focus on customer service.