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Press Releases

October 31, 2017
GemCap funds $16.3 million in new credit facilities in October 2017

GemCap provided a $10.0 million inventory revolving asset based line of credit and a $300 thousand term loan against equipment to a Texas nursery. Chiron Financial, LLC served as the exclusive investment banker. “Our client needed financing which provided adequate credit for inventory and equipment for their seasonal business. In addition, the transaction had to close in a very compressed time frame,” said Jay H. Krasoff, Managing Director of Chiron Financial. “The GemCap team dug in quickly to understand the client’s needs and delivered a solution where other lenders could not. Our client would not be in business today without GemCap.”

GemCap also provided a $6.0 million revolving asset based line of credit within the livestock industry.

GemCap, an innovative lending firm, provides senior-secured, commercial asset-based loans to low and middle market businesses within the United States & Canada, as well as in-transit inventories en route to the United States. Loans range from $1 million to $10 million. Collateral groups include: inventories (consumer & industrial), receivables, and equipment.